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FutureThought is a small consultancy focused on helping businesses get the most out of their IT investments.
The site tells its own story as to our philosophy when it comes to software development and systems integration.  Perhaps what would be helpful here is the values that guide our company.
Simplicity. Easy to say, not always easy to deliver.  The simplest solution is rarely the first that comes to mind.  In our eagerness to get started, to demonstrate progress, we often charge into building the obvious solution. Stop, think, reflect.  Is the solution simple, clean, elegant?  Simplicity is hard but it is worth the effort.  A simple solution is more robust, easier to maintain and stands the test of time.
Quality.  If asked, most people would recognise the importance of delivering a quality product.  Scope, cost, times-cales form the triangle of variables that a project can control, quality is supposedly fixed.  For a project to deliver to plan the initial estimates for each have to be spot on - a rare event.  All too often quality, the constant one, is the one that is adjusted.  A focus on quality can be uncomfortable  in the short term but pays dividends in the medium to long term.
Passion.  Life is too short for humdrum.  Only someone who is passionate about technology can get under the skin of it to really understand it.  Technology is hard, you need people to be passionate about it to get the best from your investments.
Focus. Perhaps this is a sub-value of simplicity but it is so important and so often ignored it forms part of FutureThought's values.  Doing too much on too many projects is like death by a thousand cuts.  It saps passion, undermines quality and prevents simplicity from emerging.  Which of those projects in the portfolio really matter - focus on them.
Laughter. We spend at least 8 hours a day in work.  We've got a job to do and that job is important.  But that doesn't mean we can't have a laugh whilst we're doing it.  Laughter can bring a team closer together.  Its good for your health and your energy levels.
FutureThought is here to help with:
  • Software design and development consultancy
  • IT Strategy
  • Agile coaching and mentoring
Kind Regards,
Alan Gawthorpe (Director)

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